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what_happens's Journal

9 December
moreno valley
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a fire inside, a-f records, afi, against me!, andy flag, angry young and poor, anti-avril, anti-bush, anti-fascist, anti-flag, anti-nazi, anti-war, argyle socks, art, bad religion, bam margera, bands, bass guitar, bass players, bettie page, billie joe armstrong, black, black eye liner, bouncing souls, brandon lee, brody armstrong, buzzcocks, calavera vamps, cheap sex, chris #2, chris head, circle jerks, classic cars, converse, corsets, crass, dave navarro, dave navarrow, davey havok, dead kennedys, demented are go, devotchkas, donnie darko, dr pepper, dropkick murphys, drugs, drums, eyeliner, f-minus, fishnet, garage bands, greasers, green day, guana batz, guitar, guys, hair dye, hellbillys, heroin bob, horror, interpunk, james dean, johnny bravo, johnny cash, johnny depp, johnny rotten, justin sane, kidney thieves, liberty spikes, lip gloss, lip rings, liquid eyeliner, lunachicks, mad sin, mike dirnt, minor threat, mohawks, moshing, muscle cars, nekromantix, nofx, operation ivy, orgy, oxymoron, pat thetic, pennywise, photography, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, pomps, protesting, psychobilly, punk, ramps, rancid, rise against, rockabilly, roses, ryan dunn, safety pins, sex pistols, ska, skulls, slc punk, smashing pumkins, social distortion, spikes, static-x, studs, tatoos, the adicts, the casualties, the clash, the crow, the distillers, the meteors, the misfits, the ramones, the transplants, the unseen, the vandals, the voids, thrift stores, tiger army, tim armstrong, tre cool, voodoo glow skulls, zippers